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How to repair and maintain the solar frame mold?

July 7, 2023 [email protected] Comments Off

The main problems in the production process of the solar frame are: surface particles, heavy extrusion lines, opening size, angle deviation, surface peeling, welding line shadow, surface overburning, front black line, strain, scratches (each Production units have different names for surface quality defects)
First analyze the reasons for quality problems, the most important are the following points: aluminum rod composition, mold polishing and mold flow rate, extrusion temperature and extrusion speed, design and manufacture of porous mold, control of speed increase;

① Improvement of aluminum rod composition: change the original common composition to homogeneous composition, and homogenize the internal composition (Mg2 si and Fe) of the aluminum rod to improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of the profile;

②Mold polishing and improvement of mold flow rate: Mold polishing is a crucial step. Every detail can make a big change in the mold. When we first produce the frame, we only use one polishing to send it to the machine for production. The success rate of the machine is very low. With the accumulation of experience, the mold split hole is used to ash every time the machine is put on the machine, and the machine is put on the machine after the second fine polishing, which greatly improves the success rate of the mold on the machine.

④ The porous mold of the solar frame mold is designed to increase the output. For example, a double-hole mold is used, and the 7-hole shunt is changed to a 4-hole shunt, which reduces the extrusion pressure, reduces the wear of the mold working belt, and prolongs the life of the mold. Using a porous solar mold such as one out of two , one out of three, one out of four, one out of five, so that the cost of the mold is reduced and the extrusion production efficiency is improved, why not do it?
⑤Extrusion temperature and extrusion speed: We changed from the original slow extrusion to fast extrusion. The surface is bound to be over-burned during the rapid extrusion, and the surface adsorption particles will be serious when the extrusion is slow, which cannot reach the customer at all. Quality requirements. Nowadays, the highest speed of our solar energy can reach the extrusion speed of 10MM/S.
In the production of frames, the craftsmanship is not fixed. It should be used and changed flexibly. Small details determine success or failure. If you want to do more and do better than others, you must work harder than others. “Diligence can make up for one’s weakness” is the best Show our work spirit, and finally do things well, become stronger and bigger.