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The main problems in the production process of the solar frame are: surface particles, heavy extrusion lines, opening size, angle deviation, surface peeling, welding line shadow, surface overburning, front black line, strain, scratches

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Aluminum alloy extruded materials, especially aluminum profiles, often have a kind of "pitting" defect on the surface during the extrusion process, which is called "pitting surface" in production [1]. Pockmarked surface of aluminum

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Recently, according to Bloomberg News, China is the world's largest aluminum producer and is currently importing more light metals from Russia, solving the problem of reduced demand for Russian goods in some countries

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The following are six common causes of machine tool failures in mold factories, hoping to help the majority of aluminum profile companies and mold manufacturers.Evaporation of Cutting Fluid in Medium Wire-feeding Machine ToolThe

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SMM believes that benefiting from domestic infrastructure investment and the rapid development of automobiles, rail transit, consumer electronics and other fields, the production of industrial aluminum profiles in my country has maintained a

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Macro side 1. The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference and introduced that it is currently studying and drafting policy documents on restoring and expanding consumption, and making great efforts

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The photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly with the support of policies. Photovoltaic profile production increased by as much as 41% in 2021. The demand for photovoltaic aluminum has entered a new round of

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The conventional aluminum sheet bending process1. During the bending process, it is necessary to carefully check the aluminum sheet processing drawings and requirements and determine the bending sequence before performing the bending process.

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How to produce high-quality aluminum plate? The quality control of producing aluminum plates involves procuring raw aluminum materials, cutting, welding, polishing, spraying, and inspecting, and transporting finished products. Each procedure in the production and

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Industry personage said, the Federal Reserve itself may not have thought, the rate increase added to the effect of the rate cut!  On July 27th, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate