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Summary:The situation in Russia and Ukraine has been repeated, but natural gas is difficult to solve in the short term. Overseas reported inventories continue to fall, premiums continue to rise, supply and demand

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        The situation in Russia and Ukraine has been repeated, and the market's concern about the supply caused by the war has re-emerged. At the weekend, Australia announced a ban

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China's daily primary aluminum output in January and February rose to its highest level since mid-2021, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed on Tuesday, as smelters farther away from Beijing stayed

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The market demand for shipbuilding aluminum plates is increasing year by year, and high-quality marine aluminum plates are even more competitive for customers at home and abroad. Tianjin Yikuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. Aluminum has

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EN AW 7075 (ALZn5, 5MgCu-3.4365)High-strength Rolled Plate For high demands on strength, mainly used for Aircraft fitting/Mould-making/Mechanical engineering/Tool-makingQuote Now! EN AW 7075 (ALZn5, 5MgCu-3.4365)High-strength Aluminum Rolled Plate Mainly used for Aircraft fitting/Mould-making/Mechanical engineering/Tool-makingGet

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     Lighting lighting; Solar reflector; Building decoration; Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc. Furniture, cabinets; The elevator; Signs, nameplates, cases and bags; Interior and exterior decoration of automobile; Interior decoration: such as picture

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      1.Color-coated aluminum coil is the surface of the aluminum coil with various colors of paint coating after cleaning, chroming, roller coating, baking and other processing.     2.Color aluminum is widely

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The National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Implementation Guide for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Transformation and Upgrading in Key Fields of High Energy-consuming Industries (2022 Edition)". The "Guide" clarifies the implementation