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Household foil

Household foil is used for wrapping food during cooking or to preserve its freshness. Its excellent resistance to the highest temperatures in cooking, its deadfold properties and its role as barrier against light, aroma and steam make it an essential item in every kitchen.

Container foil

Container foil, also called lubricated foil, is used for the production of aluminum containers offering some of the most versatile packaging solutions available today. With its unique set of properties: a 100% barrier against light and gas, heat conductivity, formability, food contact ability and decorative appearance it helps to prevent food waste and provides other great benefits along the food chain to the end consumer.

Converter foil

A unique combination of physical characteristics makes aluminum foil an essential material for the flexible packaging industry like aseptic cartons, wraps, pouches, bottle neck, push-thru blister, laminated tubes.