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Aluminum is a strong, durable and lightweight metal. In today’s energy-conscious society, these three basic properties combine to make the metal the preferred material of construction for transport applications, where weight reduction to reduce fuel consumption and to increase load carrying capacity is vital.

At YK ALUMINUM we manufacture customized extrusion solutions as well as a wide range of rolled products, such as aluminum foil, sheets and coils for all branches of the automotive industry.

Strips for heat shields

With its specific physical properties – reflectivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance – aluminum is the perfect heat shield material offering excellent protection against excessive exhaust system heat. Alloy 1050A in soft temper is widely used for its good formability, adequate corrosion resistance and energy absorption providing for ease of fabrication and good performance.

Automotive finstock

Aluminium has a unique set of characteristics that make it ideal for heat exchange. With its key properties – light weight, good thermal and electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance aluminum finstock has a widespread application in modern HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration systems.

Roof rails

An important application of aluminum extrusions are roof rails. Roof rails are placed on the top of the vehicle and are used to carry additional luggage and equipment. Aluminium extrusions are used for manufacturing roof rails because they enable visually attractive, low weight and high strength designs.

Decorative trims

Trim is anything the manufacturer applies to the car to enhance its style and appearance. Decorative and functional strips around the vehicle are an integral part of vehicle design. Depending on the applied alloy, the different processing options lead to surfaces ranging from high-gloss to matte and from natural-colored to black aluminum.

Consequently, aluminum is increasingly the material of choice for high quality decorative display and design purposes in the interior of today’s cars.

In its extrusion plant YK ALUMINUM is able to extrude a large variety of profiles for automotive applications according to your design.

Heat exchangers

Aluminum is the preferred material for the increasingly diverse and demanding field of heat exchanger manufacture, and is used around the world in many industries, including the automotive sector, for a variety of heat exchanger designs. Aluminum provides a unique combination of advantages, e.g. its cost, strength, corrosion life, weight reduction capabilities, processing and machining characteristics, and the ability to alloy special material properties to specific customer applications.

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