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Classification of doors and windows

August 3, 2020 user Comments Off

There are five main ways to classify doors and windows:

  1. According to the materials of du doors and windows, they can be roughly divided into the following categories: wooden doors and windows, steel dao doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, glass steel doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, iron flower doors and windows. Since the reform and opening up, people’s living standards have been continuously improved. The types of doors and windows and their derivative products continue to increase, and the grades are gradually rising, such as insulated broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, wood-aluminum composite doors and windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, sun rooms, glass curtain walls, wooden curtain walls and so on.
  2. According to the function of doors and windows: revolving door anti-theft door, automatic door, revolving door.
  3. According to the opening method, it is divided into: fixed window, top-hung window, middle-hung window, bottom-hung window, vertical swing window, side-hung door and window, pulley casement window, pulley window, casement lower-hung door and window, sliding door and window, sliding flat Open windows, folding doors, floor spring doors, lifting sliding doors, sliding folding doors, sliding doors with inverted sides.
  4. According to performance, it is divided into: sound insulation doors and windows, thermal insulation doors and windows, fire doors and windows, airtight doors and windows.
  5. According to the application part, it is divided into: inner doors and windows, outer doors and windows.