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The world of aluminum is vast and diverse, featuring many different alloys with varied properties. Two of the most commonly used types are 5052 and 6061. Both have their unique characteristics and uses,

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The R&D and manufacturing of large aircraft is an industry with a high value chain. The C919 alone has driven the development of 5 major categories, 20 majors, and more than 6,000 civil

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Penyemperitan profil aluminium merujuk kepada menghantar kosong tuangan suhu tinggi aloi aluminium ke dalam acuan penyemperitan khas, dan penyemperitan aloi aluminium dari rongga acuan pada kelajuan tertentu di bawah tekanan kuat yang disediakan

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Abstract: On November 11 (local time), the LME (London Metal Exchange) issued a response to the Russian metal discussion paper, deciding to maintain the status quo and not to prohibit or impose additional

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Harbor, a US consultancy, says it expects aluminium prices to fall to $2,310 a tonne by December 2022 as demand falls. Aluminium inventories are expected to be 17.1 million tonnes in 2022, with

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Summary: Billionaire investor George Soros says billionaire investor Soros, Putin is clearly blackmailing Europe by threatening or actually cutting off gas supplies. However, he believes that European countries also have leverage against Putin. In

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Bahlil lahadalia, chairman of the Indonesian investment Minister / investment Coordination Committee (BKPM), said recently that the Indonesian government is considering imposing a ban on bauxite and tin exports this year to promote

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Since 2022, the epidemic in China has been characterized by multiple spots, wide coverage and long duration, exerting varying degrees of impact on the cost, price, supply and demand, and trade of aluminum

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The inspection of the finished medium and thick plate mainly includes the chemical composition, structure, performance, size and shape, surface and identification of the aluminum plate. The inspection and acceptance are carried out

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Abstract: Jia Mingxing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said at the first quarter analysis meeting of nonferrous metals that in