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Necessity to Establish Factory Producing Aluminum Foil for Electromobile

October 19, 2023 myw Comments Off

The Background Necessity

Electric vehicles are currently one of the fastest developing industrial products in human society, and the negative aluminum foil needed to manufacture its power battery is the highest quality aluminum foil, with thin thickness, high strength and the highest surface Dyne value in aluminum foil, the smallest thickness deviation, the best shape and the cleanest surface, therefore, the production is also the most difficult. China is the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles and their power batteries, and has the potential to become the largest producer of aluminum foil for electric vehicle batteries. In order to produce this high-precision aluminum foil, it is necessary to use specialized foil rolling mills and their control equipment, of which the optimized foil rolling mill (Optimill) of Achenbach is the best.

The Key of Electromobile Aluminum Foil Producing

There are 6 key points of rolling electric vehicle battery aluminum foil, that is, the work roller must be carefully preheated, the residual oil on the surface of the foil should be less, the winding is accurate, the cutting is fine, the edge cutting is high quality, the production environment is highly clean, and the inspection is careful.

1.Work Roll Preheating

Before rolling electric vehicle power battery foil, the foil mill work roll should be carefully preheated to create a certain temperature gradient for the mill, so that it can be stably processed and rolled flat foil.

2.Residual Oil on Foil Surface

The less residual oil on the foil surface, the better. The Aschenbach optimized blow-drying system blows away residual oil from the foil strip, leaving only a film of oil on the surface.

3.Thin Aluminum Tape and Foil Roll

Thin aluminum tape and aluminum foil winding technology is very strong. For this reason, Aschenbach offers an optimized air-hydraulic flat roll system that ensures smooth, wrinkl-free winding at up to 2000m/min.

4.Foil Slitting

Slitting is also a key task in the production of thin aluminum strips and foils. Aschenbach has developed a new high-end foil shearing system. The system is very strong for the knife fixing bracket, so that the knife does not occur any obvious loosening or subtle tremor, the technical indicators of the slitting out of the battery foil meet the standard, the system also contains a vacuum cleaner, can absorb the residual powder particles on the shear knife.

5.Dust Absorption

The production of electric vehicle battery aluminum foil requires a clean environment. The Aschenbach Optimised foil mill is equipped with a powerful suction and dust cover, which has the right airflow speed to keep the workshop clean and free of pollutants and dust.


Electric vehicle battery aluminum foil quality requirements are high, and the inspection naturally needs to be more fine. The Aschenbach Optimum foil mill is equipped with a strip inspection system and a professional surface inspection system, which enables thorough inspection of the surface condition of the produced strips, including the presence of pinholes, spots, scrapes, scratches and other problems.

Advanced Results

In order to implement the “dual carbon” goal, countries around the world are accelerating the development of electric vehicles, and it is expected that by 2030, the compound annual growth rate of electric vehicles can reach 20% to 25%. The popularity of electric vehicles has also brought new growth points for aluminum consumption. At present, the amount of aluminum used in electric vehicles has reached about 400kg/ vehicle, of which about half is used to manufacture batteries and pallets.