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70% of the Facilities on the Cruise Ship Can Made of Aluminum

September 15, 2023 myw Comments Off

Broad  Prospects  for Cruise Ship Manufacturing

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people go out to travel, cruise ship will be a star product with broad prospects. Cruise ship manufacturing has also sprung up.

Aluminum Is an Important Material for Cruise Ship Producing

Aluminum is a good material for the superstructure and structure of cruise ships. The superstructure and facilities include: guardrail, partition wall, floor (with decorative anti-skid), ladder, furniture, living supplies, kitchen appliances, fire doors, etc. The use of aluminum alloy materials to manufacture cruise ship upper facilities has the following advantages: under the same performance conditions, aluminum structure and workpiece are about 40% to 45% lighter than steel; Clean and hygienic, bright color, do not need maintenance during the service period, unlike steel structure, every three or five years must be large maintenance, otherwise it will rust, not only ugly, but also may cause small accidents or unpleasant things; The biggest feature of aluminum is that although it is not a direct fireproof material, it is beneficial to fire prevention, because aluminum will absorb a lot of heat when it is on fire, melt quietly, help reduce the fire, and unlike magnesium, in case of an open fire, there will be a frightening violent burning, so it is not appropriate to use magnesium to manufacture cruise ship superstructure and facilities; After the cruise ship expires, the aluminum structure can be fully recycled, with a maximum of 5% mechanical loss, and the recycling price of waste material is equivalent to 80% of the original aluminum ingot price at that time. Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance to water, whether fresh water or seawater, so it is a natural superior material for the manufacture of cruise ships; And the price of aluminum is reasonable and moderate, which is competitive.