Aluminum T Floor Transition Strip

1.Material: Aluminum 6063, T5
2.Color: Shining Silver/Shining Gold/Matt Silver/Shining Black
3.Width: 13 mm
4.Length: 2.5 m
5.Weight: 140 Grams/Piece

Aluminum T-floor transition strips are used to join two different sections of flooring materials, adding both elegance and practicality to your projects. We’ve been manufacturing these strips to ensure smooth application and easy installation. At YK Aluminum, our goal is to produce strips that can be easily installed by anyone without the need for specialized tools or equipment. Their user-friendly design allows professionals and even DIY enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate them into their flooring projects, achieving a polished finish that elevates the space. Whether you’re planning family home construction, decoration, or architectural application, these aluminum T-floor strips are suitable for your needs.
They are available in a wide range of colors that can either blend with traditional decor or serve as bold statement pieces that capture attention. From classic to contemporary, their extensive color palette and finishes offer you the flexibility to create seamless integration. If you’re looking to transform your flooring with sophistication, our smooth and high-brightness aluminum T-floor strips are the perfect choice. They are built to withstand corrosion, even when exposed to moisture, heavy foot traffic, or other outdoor elements. These strips come in different heights to ensure a perfect fit for your flooring materials. Moreover, our strips are designed to provide a secure transition without compromising safety, minimizing slippery surfaces to ensure everyone’s well-being.
Let’s transform your project with a limitless array of colors that bring your vision to life. Contact us today, and we will assist you in achieving finishes and colors that empower you to curate a look that’s uniquely yours.

Aluminum Strip Classification and Application

Aluminum Strip for Window Profiling

Aluminum Strip for Package

Slit Color Aluminum Strip

Hydrophilic Aluminum Strip for Air Condition

Basic Specification

Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloy Profiles


Tensile Strength

 Yield Strength








Dimensions and Alloy Options of Aluminum Strip




Coil ID

Surface Finish & Custom Service

Surface Protection

1000 series: 1050,1050A,1060,1100

O, F, H12,H14, H16,H18, H22, H24, H26,H28

Thickness: 0.08 and above

Width: 6mm and above

75mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 508mm

Mill Finish (unless otherwise specified)

Paper Interleaved, PE Filming on Main Side (if specified)

3000 series: 3003,3004,3005,3105

5000 series: 5005,5052,5754,5083,5086.etc

O, F, H22,H24, H26,H28, H32,H34, H36,H38

6000 series: 6061

T4, T6, T451, T651

2000 series: 2024

T3, T351, T4

7000 series: 7075

T6, T651

Aluminum T Floor Transition Strip Packaging

aluminum strip packaging (1)
aluminum strip packaging 2
aluminum strip packaging2

Application of Aluminum T Floor Transition Strip

aluminum coil for Aerospace Industry
aluminum coil for Rail Industry_
aluminum coil for Automobile Industry_
aluminum coil for Construction Industry
aluminum coil for Mechanical Industry
aluminum coil for Ship Industry


As a global leading aluminum strip supplier, YK ALUMINUM has 35000m2 factory area with 4 large production lines and 6 processing centers, and has continuously invested in acquiring new technologies and upgrading existing facilities to the latest technological standards.

YK ALUMINUM develops, produces and sells aluminum strip to all over the world. With 15 years production experience, YK ALUMINUM always provide high value-added aluminum products to meet the challenging demands of its clients and step into new markets.

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Certified Aluminum

Certified aluminum member with ISO/DNV/BV/TUV certification.

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