2024 Aluminum Coil

1.Grade: 2024

2.Surface: Mill finish, no stains, without rough selvedge, Anodizing

3.Temper: HO, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, F,H112,

T651, T3, T451, T4, T6, ect.

4.Width: 3mm-1500mm

5.Package: Export Wooden Pallets, Craft Paper.

Good day! It’s great to have you with us as we discuss our 2024 aluminum coil, a product designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of aircraft manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and the construction industry. Our 2024 aluminum coil is designed to provide the superior performance that each of these sectors requires because we are aware of their high standards.
Now, let’s discuss some typical problems that our loyal consumers run into. First, the welding issue. We are aware that in many of your applications, welding is crucial. Despite 2024 aluminum coil being recognized for its strength and other desirable qualities, welding can be a little challenging. You can be confident that our staff is prepared to offer you substitute materials that are easier to weld, if necessary. Additionally, to ensure that your projects go well, we provide professional advice on appropriate welding procedures. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your investment without sacrificing quality, whether that means optimizing material usage, identifying viable substitutes for less essential components, or providing bulk purchase choices.
Perhaps our 2024 aluminum coil is made to meet the demands of your particular industry. It’s a product that combines quality with practical solutions to handle any problems you might run into. We are here as your devoted partner, prepared to offer you the assistance and knowledge you require to complete your projects successfully. We appreciate your interest in our 2024 aluminum coil, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or special requirements. Our top goal is to ensure your satisfaction.
Also, oxidation might be another concern. Although it has strong corrosion resistance, it is true that over time, its surface might become prone to oxidation. We provide cutting-edge surface treatments and coatings to increase this product’s resistance to oxidation as a defense. This means that even in demanding situations, your items will retain their integrity and aesthetic appeal.
The cost aspect comes last. We acknowledge that cost-cutting is a critical priority. Thus, 2024 aluminum coil has excellent qualities, but it can be slightly more expensive than some other alloys. We are dedicated to collaborating closely with you to find economical solutions. We are here to answer your questions, and please contact us for more information.

Property of 2024 Aluminum Coil


Specifications of 2024 Aluminum Coil

Tensile Strength483MPa469 MPaAbove 455 MPa
Yield Strength345 MPa324 MPaAbove 400 MPa
Modulus of elasticity73.1 GPa73.1 GPa72.4 GPa
Brinell Hardness-500g Wight, 10mm Ball120120128
Elongation at Break(12.7mm test piece)18%19%5%
Shear Modulous28 GPa28 GPa27 GPa
Shear Strength283 GPa283 MPa296 GPa
Fatigue Strength138 MPa138 MPa117 MPa
Thermal xpansion Coefficient23.2 µm/m°C23.2 µm/m°C23.2 µm/m°C
Annealing Tempreature413°C413°C413°C
Solution Tempreature256°C256°C256°C
Thermal Conductivity121W/mK121W/mK151W/mK
Specific Heat Capacity0.875KJ//Kg°C0.875KJ//Kg°C0.875KJ//Kg°C

Application of 2024 Aluminum Coil

aluminum coil for Aerospace Industry
aluminum coil for Rail Industry_
aluminum coil for Automobile Industry_
aluminum coil for Construction Industry
aluminum coil for Mechanical Industry
aluminum coil for Ship Industry

Package of 2024 Aluminum Coil

package of aluminum coil2
package of aluminum coil3


As a global leading aluminum strip supplier, YK ALUMINUM has 35000m2 factory area with 4 large production lines and 6 processing centers, and has continuously invested in acquiring new technologies and upgrading existing facilities to the latest technological standards.

YK ALUMINUM develops, produces and sells aluminum strip to all over the world. With 15 years production experience, YK ALUMINUM always provide high value-added aluminum products to meet the challenging demands of its clients and step into new markets.

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