Anodized Aluminum Sheet

1. Anodic Layer: 2µm -25µm

2. Thickness: 0.3mm – 5mm,Width: Up To 2000mm

3. Standard: GB/T, ASTM, EN standard qualified

4. Surface Protection: Paper interleaved, PE/PVC filming

5. Surface Finish: Mill Finish, color coated, stucco embossed, etc

6. Payment: T/T, L/C, OA, etc

Choosing roofing materials is crucial in construction, whether for warehouses, supermarkets, civil structures, or the projects of manufacturers and traders. 
At YK Aluminum, we have been committed to manufacturing aluminum roofing sheets for over 10 years, providing solutions for brightness and durability. 
Our sheets are renowned for their ability to illuminate spaces with natural light. 
We aim to reduce the need for artificial lighting with their innate luminosity, contributing to energy efficiency.
The ease of installation, a characteristic of our aluminum roofing sheets, sets them apart from others. 
Placing them atop structures not only saves time but also reduces labor costs, making them a practical choice for your construction projects. 
With high strength, they can withstand changing weather conditions and provide shelter for many years.
We understand that aluminum roofing sheets come with certain considerations, such as cost and susceptibility to denting. 
However, it’s important to note that the likelihood of denting is lower when compared to some other roofing materials, especially in regions with moderate to mild weather conditions. 
Oil canning can also occur with aluminum roofing sheets. 
It is a phenomenon where waves or ripples appear on the surface of the sheet, but it doesn’t affect the functionality or integrity of the roof. 
Awareness from your architects and builders is essential in this regard. 
Considering these factors, our aluminum roofing sheets’ long-term durability and low maintenance requirements make them a cost-effective investment. 
These sheets combine the best of durability, efficiency, and aesthetics to create a roofing solution that lasts for an extended period.
Ready to bring brightness and versatility to your project? Contact us today. Our team will provide you with endless possibilities to achieve your excellent creation.

Anodized aluminum plate refers to the anodized aluminum plate, forming a thin layer of alumina on its surface, the thickness of 5-20 μm, hard oxide film 60-200 μm. It improves hardness and wear resistance.

Features:1.Light weight, 1/3 weight of stainless steel 2.Anti-scratch, the surface hardness reaches Sapphire Grade 3.Non-poisonous and environmental protection 4.Anti-static, anti-fingerprint, easy to clean 5.The surface anodized layer will never fade or fall off

Compared with general aluminum plate, the anodized aluminum plate has higher wear resistance and better scratch resistance because of the ceramic oxide layer on its surface. This makes the surface of the anodized aluminum plate more durable than conventional aluminum plate.

Depending on the thickness and quality of the anodization, YK anodized aluminum sheet should last 10-20 years.

Specification of Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Thickness:Width:Anodic layer:Color choices
0.3mm-5mmup to 2000mm2µm-25µm
a) Clear anodizing: natural 
b) Grey-Black 
c) Champagne-Gold
d) Bronze
e) Stainless Steel
f) Blue
g) Red


Packing of Anodized Aluminum Sheet

aluminum sheet packing
aluminum sheet packing 2
aluminum sheet packing 1

Applications of Anodized Aluminum Sheet

aluminum coil for Aerospace Industry
aluminum coil for Rail Industry_
aluminum coil for Automobile Industry_
aluminum coil for Construction Industry
aluminum coil for Mechanical Industry
aluminum coil for Ship Industry

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