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Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foil Jumbo Roll, Aluminum Foil Roll

1. Alloy: 1235, 3003, 8011, 8079, etc.

2. Thickness: 0.045mm-0.2mm, Width: 200 mm, 305 mm and above

3. Surface Treatment: Lubrication, lamination, coating

4. Payment: T/T, L/C, OA, etc

YK Aluminum is leading supplier and manufacturer of aluminum foil.

Aluminum directly rolled into sheets of hot stamping material is aluminum foil. YK Aluminum factory can produce the minimum thickness is 4.5 um aluminum foil. We can supply alloy grade 1, 3, and 8 series. 

Welcome inquiry to us, we promise quotation within 10 hours.

Aluminum Foil Types & Applications

Flexible Packaging Foil

Grade: 1235, 8011
Thickness: 10-50microns
Width: 40-450mm
Temper: O soft
Main Application: food, tabacco, cosmetic packaging, etc

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil

Grade: 1070, 1100, 1235, 8011
Thickness: 0.02mm-0.08mm
Width: less than 700mm
Temper: O soft
Main Application: packaging, etc

Aluminum Foil Container

Grade: 3003, 8011
Thickness: 0.03mm-0.17mm
Height: 20-200mm
Capacity: 100mm-5000ml
Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle
With or without container lid

Stucco Aluminum Foil

Grade: 1060, 8011
Thickness: 0.08mm-0.7mm
Width: 100mm-1450mm
Temper: O soft
Main Application: kitchen gas baffle, insulation materials, etc

Household Aluminum Foil

Grade: 1235, 8011
Thickness: 0.019mm-0.024mm
Width: 300mm, 450mm
Temper: O soft
Main Application: home & outdoor barbecue

Laminated Aluminum Foil

Grade: 1235, 8011, 8079
Thickness: 6-100microns
Width: 1250mm max
Temper: O soft
Main Application: agricultural, chemical market, etc

Dimensions and Alloy Options of Aluminum Foil

Application Alloy Grade Status Thickness (mm) Width(mm)
Pharmaceutical Foil 8079/8011/8021 O/H18 0.01-0.07 200-1960
Heat Seal Foil 8079/8011 O 0.02-0.05 200-1960
Hose Aluminum Foil 8079 O 0.01-0.02 200-1960
Container Aluminum Foil 3104/5052 O/H24 0.05-0.1 200-1960
Batter Aluminum Foil 1235/1070/1060 H18 0.015-0.02 200-1960
Chocolate Aluminum Foil 8011 O/H22 0.01-0.015 200-1960
Label Aluminum Foil 1235 O 0.01-0.05 200-1960
Cigarette Aluminum Foil 1235/8079 O 0.006-0.007 200-1960
Gold Card Aluminum Foil 1235/8079 O 0.006-0.007 200-1960
Cooking Aluminum Foil 1235/8079 O 0.006-0.007 200-1960
Soft Package Aluminum Foil 1235/8079 O 0.006-0.03 200-1960
Antiseptic Aluminum Foil 1235/8079 O 0.006-0.007 200-196

Aluminum Foil Packaging

aluminum foil packaging4
aluminum packaging1
aluminum foil packaging


As a global leading aluminum foil supplier, YK ALUMINUM has 35000m2 factory area with 4 large production lines and 6 processing centers, and has continuously invested in acquiring new technologies and upgrading existing facilities to the latest technological standards.

YK ALUMINUM develops, produces and sells aluminum foil to all over the world. With 15 years production experience, YK ALUMINUM always provide high value-added aluminum products to meet the challenging demands of its clients and step into new markets.

Large Stock

Ready cut and full sized aluminum stock fit.

Locking Price

We'll lock the aluminum price when customer sign the contract.

Certified Aluminum

Certified aluminum member with ISO/DNV/BV/TUV certification.

Custom Service

We deliver value-added services to meet all customers' needs.


casting line_aluminum foil
aluminum foil hot rolled line
cold rolled line-aluminum foil production process

Casting Line

Hot Rolled Line

Cold Rolled Line

aluminum foil-processing center
packaging line-aluminum foil_
finished products

Processing Center

Packaging Line

Finished Product


Lists for you

What Services are We Providing for

the Customer?

Before production

Document Confirmation

With years of development, our sales team are very expertised in different country policy.

During Production

Real time videos to reassure all data

Production process videos and pictures are ready to send to clients. double checking all the specification.

After Production

Make sure delivery in time

With sea freight fluctuction, shipment company breach the contract, we will share the latest price information

Quality Checking

Mechanical analysis

In our lab, we not only test the finished products but also the raw material.

Chemical analysis

With spectrometer test,we can highly guarantee the quality of raw material.

Spec measurement

Our salesman will synchronize the test picture with clients before.

Package confirm

We can videochat with clients to check all the aluminum product detail information.

Aftersales Service

We promise 15 days to solve the problem!

3 steps to solve aftersale problem

Step 1: declare problems by images and videos, and indicating proforma invoice number and the date when receiving the goods.

Step 2: We either assign agents nearby to check in person, or ask sending back the problem sample for checking.

Step 3: If we found it is our mistakes, we gonna refund or compensate the loss asap.

If not caused by our part, we gonna explain to client patiently, and show the test result.

All in All, we gonna try our best to finish client problem in 15 days maximumly.

Our Clients

  • Execllent!!

My friend introduced to YK Aluminum. You can always trust them for the quality and 24/7 service. Very reliable supplier.

  • Execllent!!

I have been dealing with YK Aluminum for many years, and the quality has been very stable.

Logistics Director
  • Execllent!!

I was deeply impressed by their expertise, they gave me a lot of practical suggestions for marketing and promotion.

  • Execllent!!

We have been cooperating with YK ALUMINUM for years. They has strict control of product quality, which fully meets our requirements.


It acts as a barrier to oxygen and air which can transfer heat to cold or frozen food. The bottom line is it helps by maintaining the temperature of the food, be it warm or cold.
The difference between the two sides is due to a manufacturing process called milling, during which heat and tension are applied to stretch and shape the foil. Two layers of foil are pressed together and milled at the same time, because otherwise, it would break.
Aluminum is often confused with tin, such as tin foil etc. Aluminum has replaced tin in most industrial applications, such as cans. Tin is considered to be toxic to humans whereas specific aluminum alloys have been FDA approved for direct and indirect food contact.
Because aluminum and certain of its alloys are strengthened beyond their basic strengths only by strain hardening, they are non-heat-treatable. Nearly all of the foil presently produced is rolled from non-heat-treatable alloys, which are given H number temper designations for the various specific strain-hardened conditions in which they are made. For example, common foil availability is alloy 1145-H19; the H1 means strain hardened, and the next digit indicates the degree of hardening, the 9 meaning full hard.

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