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Summary: Billionaire investor George Soros says billionaire investor Soros, Putin is clearly blackmailing Europe by threatening or actually cutting off gas supplies. However, he believes that European countries also have leverage against Putin. In

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Bahlil lahadalia, chairman of the Indonesian investment Minister / investment Coordination Committee (BKPM), said recently that the Indonesian government is considering imposing a ban on bauxite and tin exports this year to promote

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Since 2022, the epidemic in China has been characterized by multiple spots, wide coverage and long duration, exerting varying degrees of impact on the cost, price, supply and demand, and trade of aluminum

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The inspection of the finished medium and thick plate mainly includes the chemical composition, structure, performance, size and shape, surface and identification of the aluminum plate. The inspection and acceptance are carried out

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Abstract: Jia Mingxing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, said at the first quarter analysis meeting of nonferrous metals that in

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The national development and Reform Commission said that in the next step, it will make every effort to ensure the supply and price stability of bulk commodities. Closely follow the trend of commodity

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Guinea's interim government has given international mining companies until May 2022 to submit production plans for refining bauxite into alumina.   The country has sought to use its mineral wealth for economic development, frequently

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      Nowadays, the use of mirror aluminum plate is more and more extensive, and many fields we can't think of will choose mirror aluminum plate as production material, such as cosmetic

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Summary:The situation in Russia and Ukraine has been repeated, but natural gas is difficult to solve in the short term. Overseas reported inventories continue to fall, premiums continue to rise, supply and demand

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        The situation in Russia and Ukraine has been repeated, and the market's concern about the supply caused by the war has re-emerged. At the weekend, Australia announced a ban