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U.S. -based metal manufacturer faked test results and supplied NASA with defective materials over a 20-year period, resulting in two failed satellite launches and more than $700 million in damage, according to a

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Aluminum inventories held at Japan's three major ports at the end of march fell 7.4% from a month earlier to 295,900 metric tons, according to data released Monday by hongkai.Marubeni collected data from

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Canada's federal government has announced $100 million in funding to support small and medium-sized steel and aluminum producers in all parts of the country.The new plan, called "promoting regional economic growth through innovation

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Since 2013, the American aluminum industry has invested a huge amount of money to build automobile production lines and increase the output of high-end aluminum. From 2013 to 2017, the investment roughly amounted

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China's aluminium exports have surged to their highest level in more than three years as us sanctions on rusal disrupted the supply rhythm of the global aluminium market.China's exports of aluminium to global

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NALCO, the national aluminium company, said on Monday it expected alumina prices to remain firm in the coming days."Our new shipping price for zui is us $580.5 per ton, which is us $50.5

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Purdue university researchers have developed a super strong aluminum alloy with great industrial potential.Most lightweight aluminum alloys are soft and have low mechanical strength, which affects a wide range of industrial applications. This

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UACJ has suspended its purchases of rusal as a result of U.S. economic sanctions against rusal, but the company has found alternative sources for other products, UACJ officials said on Wednesday.UACJ is one

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Global primary aluminum production fell to 2.09 million tons in February from 2.221 million tons in January, according to data released by the international aluminum association (IAI) on Tuesday.Global daily primary aluminium production

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Rio tinto's $1.9 billion Amrun bauxite project is 75 percent complete.The project is expected to start production in mid-2019, with an annual bauxite capacity of 22.8m tonnes.Rio tinto's bauxite is used to supply