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The equipment in the mold workshop is always out of order? Be sure to check these 6 questions first!

May 24, 2023 [email protected] Comments Off

The following are six common causes of machine tool failures in mold factories, hoping to help the majority of aluminum profile companies and mold manufacturers.

Evaporation of Cutting Fluid in Medium Wire-feeding Machine Tool

The grade of medium-feeding machine tool is higher than that of fast-feeding machine tool, so many mold factories put medium-feeding machine tool and slow-feeding machine tool together, or put electric processing machine tools in one workshop. Is there a big equipment hazard? Medium wire cutting uses water-based cutting fluid. During high-speed wire cutting of molybdenum wire, the cutting fluid is continuously volatilized. Therefore, the more the concentration of the cutting fluid is used, the less the cutting fluid in the fluid tank is used. If there are several wire-feeding machine tools in a workshop, the air will be filled with oil mist of cutting fluid, and the humidity will be obviously high.

You can check other machine tools in the intermediate wire workshop. Open the door of the electric cabinet to see if there is a sticky oil film inside. The oil film will accumulate and thicken over time. If it covers the circuit board of the precision machine tool (circuit and The components are very precise and fine), can it not fail?

For the use of medium-feeding wire machine tools, it is recommended to separate them into a workshop and keep them well ventilated.


Many mold factories have specialized precision grinding machine workshops. But there are also some factories that put the grinding machine and other machine tools in a large workshop, or just do a simple screen isolation.

Dust will be generated during the grinding process. If the workshop does not install a special suction device, the air will be mixed with obvious grinding dust. These dusts easily enter the guide rails and screw parts of precision machine tools, which is equivalent to grinding and damaging parts, which will reduce the machining accuracy and life of the machine tool over time. In addition, if the dust sneaks into the electric cabinet of the precision machine tool, it is easy to cause a short circuit fault on the circuit board.
For the use of grinding machines, it is also necessary to separate into a separate workshop, and install a strong dust suction device to keep the workshop well ventilated.
The punch press generates a huge source of vibration, and it is obviously common sense to isolate it from the die shop.

If the vibration source is not handled properly and it is transmitted to the mold workshop, it will first affect the machining accuracy of the precision machine tool, and secondly, this high-frequency vibration source will affect the reliability of the circuit connection of the precision machine tool, resulting in loose parts and failures. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the isolation of the foundation source.