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The significant advantages of aluminum villas

July 19, 2022 [email protected] Comments Off

With continuous broaden the application field of aluminum, its deep, not only armed vehicles continues to follow a moving object, such as increasing “aluminized rate”, in order to reduce weight and increase the loading capacity, reduce energy consumption, lower emissions, cost savings, improve efficiency, the stillness of the buildings are beginning to show consumers the benefits of multiple “aluminum”.

In recent years, aluminum villas have quietly emerged in developed countries and China’s Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiongan and many other places. Compared with villas made of steel, wood, glass, brick and stone, aluminum villas are fashionable, simple, yet luxurious and warm, and are quickly loved by people. The most surprising thing is that although the aluminum villa is very ambitious, but the price is very affordable, almost anyone can live. Ordinary salarymen and villagers can also own an aluminum villa. Especially after more than half a century of development, China’s aluminum production and consumption has accounted for nearly sixty percent of the total, the world had from precious metals into the base metal and aluminum in efforts to keep stable “six”, continue to expand domestic demand, promote the development of high quality, the construction of modern power in the new journey, belong to the age of aluminum villa has come.

Aluminum villa has many advantages, several of which are introduced on this occasion.

First, beautiful, luxurious and fashionable. Aluminum alloy has a very smooth surface, as flat as water and as bright as a mirror. The world’s largest radio telescope, The 500-meter-diameter super paraboloid of high finish, is made of aluminum alloy. Villa made of bright and clean aluminum alloy has the potential to attract the attention of the world’s new net red card and tourist attractions.

Second, formaldehyde is zero, no pollution. Aluminum villa is pure metal aluminum alloy material, without adding any chemical substances, annoying pollutants such as formaldehyde in here without a trace, can achieve real zero pollution.

Third, never rust, live for a long time as new. Steel rusts when it meets water, copper turns green when it meets water, and heavy metals such as lead, zinc and nickel are toxic. Only aluminum is an unusual “top student”, and its outer layer will produce oxide film for self-protection. As a result, it never rusts in water or air and remains as good as new after 50, 70 or more years.

Fourth, arbitrary color, never fade. Aluminum alloy can be drawn according to user’s requirements of various colors, patterns, including simulation of log grain color. Because the color is embedded in the metal atom layer during processing, therefore, no matter the sun, rain, wind, snow immersion, aluminum villa will not fade.