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The Impact Of Covid-19 On China’s Aluminum Industry

May 13, 2022 user Comments Off

Since 2022, the epidemic in China has been characterized by multiple spots, wide coverage and long duration, exerting varying degrees of impact on the cost, price, supply and demand, and trade of aluminum industry. According to Antaike statistics, this round of epidemic has resulted in a reduction of 3.45 million tons/year in alumina production and 400,000 tons/year in electrolytic aluminum production. At present, these reduced production capacity has gradually resumed or is preparing to resume, and the impact of the epidemic on the production end of the industry is generally controllable.

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However, affected by the epidemic, aluminum consumption faces great challenges, and most terminal enterprises represented by the automobile industry have stopped production. Transport efficiency drops obviously, enterprise transport cost increases somewhat. Under the influence of epidemic situation and other factors, the price of anode rose high; Alumina prices bottomed out and remained stable after repeated rounds; Aluminum prices hit high after the low hover.