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The Inspection Of Medium And Thick Aluminum Plate

May 6, 2022 user Comments Off

The inspection of the finished medium and thick plate mainly includes the chemical composition, structure, performance, size and shape, surface and identification of the aluminum plate. The inspection and acceptance are carried out in batches. The inspection procedures are as follows:

       (1) Check whether the batch number, alloy, state, and specification of the aluminum plate submitted for inspection and acceptance are consistent with the comparison of the processing and production cards, and then check item by item according to the technical standards stipulated in the contract.

      (2) Check whether the physical and chemical inspection reports such as organization and performance are complete, clear, and check item by item, and deal with unqualified items.

      (3) Check the size, shape and surface quality, and strictly implement the corresponding regulations of the finished product technical standards for inspection quality standards. The inspection should be carried out on a special inspection platform, using a measuring tool or a special template, the accuracy of the measuring tool should reach the specified accuracy, and the dimension and shape inspection should be based on the corresponding technical standards. Check the thickness, width, length, unevenness, side curvature, diagonal line deviation, etc.

medium and thick aluminum plate

Surface quality inspection, the inspection items are mainly nitrate traces, cracks, cracked edges, corrosion, corners, perforated holes, burrs, diffusion spots, pressure scratches, abrasions, scratches, sticking Defects such as scratches, imprints, pine branches, metallic and non-metallic indentations, straightening roll marks, oil stains, emulsion marks, color differences, dark stripes along the rolling direction, oil marks, etc.