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aluminum extrusion production processing

July 22, 2020 user Comments Off

The aluminum alloy extrusion process actually starts from the product design, because the product design is based on the given use requirements, and the use requirements determine many final parameters of the product. Such as the product’s machining performance, surface treatment performance and use environment requirements, these performance and requirements actually determine the choice of the type of aluminum alloy to be extruded. The performance of the aluminum profile extruded from the same medium aluminum alloy depends on the design shape of the product. The shape of the product determines the shape of the extrusion die. Once the design problem is solved, the actual extrusion process starts with the aluminum casting rod for extrusion. The aluminum casting rod must be heated to soften it before extrusion. The heated aluminum casting rod is placed in the ingot of the extruder. Inside the cylinder, the extrusion rod is pushed by a high-power hydraulic cylinder. There is an extrusion pad at the front end of the extrusion rod, so that the heated and softened aluminum alloy is extruded from the precision forming hole of the mold under the strong pressure of the extrusion pad. forming. This is the role of the mold: to produce the shape of the product required.